Industrial applications

  • Although our main focus in recent years have been to enhance the video experience for smartphone users, we have a long history in creating solutions for drones, UAV:s and other industrial applications. Our experience in different industries have given us a unique and broad understanding of each market’s specific requirements.

    We have learned the core of our offerings, namely image stabilization, optimization algorithms and sensor data understanding. Embedded applications that explore the possibilities of deep learning and artificial intelligence. In short, our technology for smartphones can be used in several industrial applications.

    How exactly, you may ask? Learn more about each product below.

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    • Live object tracker & motion sensing

    • The IMINT live object tracker is a perfect example of the kind of versatile technology that we are always striving to develop. Already used in smartphones and airline tracking, our live object tracker is able to, with perfect precision, identify and track objects in videos with up to 300 frames per second, which makes it a highly power efficient solution.

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    • Drones, action cameras & surveillance

    • We have our roots in the drone business. Filming from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) such as drones and other surveillances vessels can be tricky. With the video stabilization software that is used for Vidhance, turbulence, sudden motions and strong vibrations will not be an obstacle – even in the most difficult conditions.

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    • Medical

    • The technology behind our video enhancement software Vidhance can be adapted to fit solutions for the medical arena. One example of this is the Vidhance integration into Kontigo Cares advanced eHealth platform Previct®. This includes the development of a app based feature with the ability to detect the effect of drug-inducing stimulants on the iris of the eye.

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    • IoT – Internet of Things

    • Imint's core expertise lies in intelligent sensor and data analysis. Everything around us will soon be able to connect and exchange data based on sensor data. An inevitable and exciting development where Imint has the ambition to be a contributing actor.

  • We believe that there is huge unleashed potential in the smartphone ecosystem of today and we want to capitalize on that potential through an outstanding end user experience, setting the user’s creativity free.

    • Andreas Lifvendahl

    • CEO of Imint
  • At BQ we chose Imint and Vidhance because they had the right solution for us. Their support throughout the whole integration has been great and necessary for the success of this venture. Not only does Vidhance technology perform flawlessly in terms of stabilization but it also allows us to tailor our user’s experience while recording videos.

    • Carlos Iniesta

    • Head of Camera at BQ
  • We are happy to team up with Imint Vidhance, who has shown dedication to take user experience in smartphone video recording to the next level. This aligns well with Wiko’s strategic objective to Wiko WIM & WIM LITE, and combining forces we can take a leadership role.

    • Olivier Simon

    • Technology Strategist - Wiko Mobile